Is A Used Luxury Car Worth Buying

Is A Used Luxury Car Worth Buying

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Luxury cars are commonly known as aspirational vehicles. This is because they are something many people strive toward owning one day. A new luxury car might not be in your budget currently. But a used luxury car sure would be. But even so, buying a car is expensive, and you need to question yourself if buying a used luxury would be a smart choice for you. This is because you may easily be able to afford a new non-luxury sedan, such as Honda, loaded with fancy options as leather, navigation, automatic climate control and a rearview camera. What if you could get a three-year-old Mercedes Benz cars with just under 10,000 miles on it for the exact same price? The dilemma here can leave you puzzled.

Here is a list of benefits of a new non-luxury versus used luxury car-buying to help you make your decision.

Used Luxury Car

  • A better car:

This is probably why you want the used vehicle in the first place. Luxury cars are filled with superior materials, such as walnut wood trim, soft-touch plastics, and aluminum inserts. The engines are often bigger and have more power, and the styling is usually better.

  • Less depreciation in the cost:

The first owner of the car would have already taken the significant depreciation hit. So when you try to sell it in the future, you will get a considerably better price.

  • Free loaner car access:

Assuming you are going to have your car serviced at one of the luxury brand’s dealerships, you may have access to a free loaner car service.

A New Ordinary Car

  • Perfect condition:

The car will have no miles on it, as you will be its first owner. A used car’s mileage and state may vary and could be bad too.

  • Longer warranty:

New cars come with at least a three-year warranty and at least a five-year extended warranty offer for the powertrain. Some luxury cars have more extended warranties, but there may only be a year or two left on them, depending on the age of the vehicle you’re interested in buying.

  • Better selection:

You can go to any franchised dealership and find the new car you want. Used cars are sold everywhere, but they will have a higher degree of variation because of their mileage and condition level.

Take some time to prioritize what you want in a car and weigh the pros and cons. Ultimately, you will be the one driving it and making the payments on it. Cars are also emotional purchases, so if the used luxury car makes you feel good, go for it.

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