Why it Pays to Buy a Manufacturer Approved Used Car

Why it Pays to Buy a Manufacturer Approved Used Car

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These days, it seems like just about every driver has figured out that buying a new car is really overrated and is a very expensive pursuit. Those who wish to have a quality car, typically look for something between 1-2 years old, which still is in prime condition, and with rapid depreciation in the first year, the car is affordable. Having said that, buying BMW used cars in Leeds has an element of risk attached, yet if you buy from a manufacturer-approved dealer, you are covered every which way.

High End Vehicles

The current trend is for the classic European manufacturers, with BMW, Audi and Volkswagen taking the lion’s share of the UK used car market, and if you prefer a set of wheels that inspire, then look for a manufacturer-approved dealership, and you will have peace of mind. Let’s face it, if you want to drive a new BMW, for instance, it is going to cost you, but a one year old car will give you everything the new model has, but at a much lower price. Simply put, you could drive away a new mid-range car, or, for the same money, take possession of a high end vehicle that has relatively few miles on the clock and is in pristine condition.

Constant Supply of Quality Used Cars

So, where do all these 1 year old cars come from? Surely most owners hang on for at least 3 years before upgrading? This might be true, but think corporate and you will be enlightened, and with luxury vehicles that are changed every year, you have a constant supply of quality cars, which usually end up on a manufacturer-approved forecourt. These luxury VIP cars are always in tip-top condition, and a full service history would be the norm, which means this type of car is an absolute bargain and couldn’t be in better condition, as they are all chauffeur driven. Replacing the CEO’s BMW 7 series is definitely an annual event for any corporation, not to mention other key management staff, who all drive top of the range company cars.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you buy from a dealer that is manufacturer-approved, you are getting the maker’s warranty, as well as the dealers, and the minimum comprehensive period would be 12 months, with an option to increase that to 3 years, should you wish. Roadside assistance is another perk one can expect with an approved dealer, which gives you real peace of mind, knowing you are completely covered for a breakdown.

Thorough Vehicle Inspection

Any dealer that is BMW approved, for example, would not put any used car on their forecourt until it has been through a thorough inspection, and anything untoward would be remedied. The dealer had to spend a lot of time and resources to become approved by BMW, and they aren’t about to risk losing that by offering a faulty car for sale.

If you like to drive inspirational cars rather than run of the mill models, then look for a manufacturer approved dealership where you can pick up next to new cars at very reasonable prices.

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