You Must Know About These Distinctive Features Of Mercedes-Benz C-Class

You Must Know About These Distinctive Features Of Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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The C-Class model of Mercedes-Benz cars has become widely famous worldwide since its launch in the market. This version has dominated the entry level executive class of luxury sedan segment cars for several years. If you are planning to buy a Mercedes car, you need to learn about the features present in C class Mercedes version.


Mercedes C Class version is light in weight as compared to all other Mercedes models. Its rear drive architecture, a long bonnet, twin slat grille with signature 3-point star logo, short front overhands, low stance, day-time running light design, tail lamps, boot lid, back end bumper, LED headlamps makes it unique and appealing.

Compared to old models of Mercedes cars, the new C Class version is comparatively longer around 95mm in size and wider around 40mm in size. The height of this car is a little reduced by 5mm. Technical specs for this car are:

  • 686mm in length,
  • 810mm in width,
  • 442mm in height, and
  • a wheelbase of 2, 840mm


The new generation SUV model is comparatively upmarket and more spacious than the older models. Features that give a premium touch to its appearance are center console with high shine lime wooden finish, dual tone dash, and ambient lighting system in 3 colors and 5 dimming levels. This car comes with a flawless finish, and the layout of its button is practical.

It comprises of an infotainment system that comes with an 8.4 inches display, 3 dimensional satellite navigation system, phone connectivity, leather upholstery, reverse parking sensors, rear-view camera, 3 zone climate control, thirteen speakers sound-system, front as well as rear panoramic roof, to name a few.

Engine and transmission

The new generation Mercedes C Class model has two types of engine options to choose from. These are a 2 liter petrol and 2.2 liter diesel. Where the earlier option generates a maximum energy of 181bhp at 5, the latter option produces power of 167.62bhp. Transmission of power to the back-end wheels is a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Performance and Handling

Mercedes C class comes with a refined petrol engine. Other models offer a strong and medium range performance. It provides 0 kmph to 100kmph in just 7.3 seconds. Its aerodynamic construction lowers wind resistance and assists in high speed and superb handling performance.


There are various features that make C Class version of Mercedes, the most preferred choice among buyers. Mercedes C class is undeniably the best model in the current market. Being clear on your priorities and carrying out an effective research is what is needed prior to finalizing this model.

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